A world leading organization, marketing and franchising consultancy

Our commercial and technical consultancy, market intelligence and conference services have helped shape the worldwide many clients for more than 15 years.

Today we work with clients in many countries, ranging from start-ups to multinationals. We help these companies in nearly every aspect of their business, both commercial and technical.

On the commercial side, we help our clients plan their business, develop and launch new products, understand and enter new markets, benchmark competitors and acquire companies.

On the technical side, we design and build factories, find international cooperation, consolidate production, improve factory efficiency, improve quality and business safety, and lower costs. Our consultants are experts in franchising organization worldwide.

This mix of expertise in organization, market analysts, commercial strategists and franchising is unusual in a single consultancy and it gives us the expertise we need to take a broad view of clients' needs and respond to them, whatever might arise. We are expert people providing expert and practical advice.

Working for so many international producers, start-ups, investors, suppliers and trade associations has given us a breadth and depth of experience that makes us the ideal long-term partner for any business.


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