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Billman Consulting Group

Avenue Moulay Abdellah - Resid. Ibn Tachfine
Bloc. C - Apt. 41 - 40000 Marrakech
Tel.: +212 5 24 44 23 56
GSM.: +39 380 5179785


Billman Consulting Group

The activity of Billman Consulting Group International (BCGI) is to provide advice and assistance to all companies, especially SMEs, at all stages of the internationalization process, from design to start-up the development of initiatives overseas investment, with particular emphasis on its planning, organizational, commercial and financial .
To achieve this, Billman Consulting Group International (BCGI) employs a staff of technicians and professionals, coordinated by the Board of the company, working for years on the market.
Among the tools used by the company to grow the business of its customers, there is the franchise formula, a sector in which the seniors of the company have gained significant experience at the international level .

The services Billman Consulting Group International (BCGI) may include:
Research partners/investment opportunities:
Searching for investment opportunities abroad
Business combinations, districts and industrial parks

Activities carried out by Billman Consulting Group International (BCGI) at market conditions:

professional advice and assistance relating to investment projects abroad

advice for finding business opportunities or procurement

In carrying out the assistance and advice, Billman Consulting Group International (BCGI) puts at the disposal of the companies its working relationships with international operations:

The major international financial institutions , national and regional;
Local banks operating in the countries of reference and with which special cooperation agreements;
The company already invested in by Billman Consulting Group International (BCGI) in the target countries;
The development of national financial;
National agencies for the promotion of foreign investment;
The national and international organizations working for insurance against country risk;
The Ministries of reference;
Private lenders.


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