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Marketing planning has become increasingly tricky in an omni-channel, cross-media world. Identifying the strategy, tactical plan, and budget allocation that produces the highest ROI and achieves management’s objectives for a new product/service or an established brand when there are myriad ways to reach and engage different market segments is often a precarious process.

Our marketing planning services combine state-of-the-science research, new thinking in the application of mathematical and computational modeling to marketing, and management expertise to rapidly improve your ability to select a plan that maximizes marketing ROI. The driving power behind the predictive capabilities of our simulation and modeling tools comes from our comprehensive and rigorous approach to:

• Mapping your—and your competitors’–marketing process using multiple sources of information.
• Using survey-based and/or data resources to assess and understand a market segment’s behavior.
• Modeling the relationship between all the factors in the marketing process and forecast performance.
• Experimenting with alternative strategies, as well as communications and spending plans to optimize the marketing mix.
• Scenario planning based on possible market, environmental, or competitive conditions.


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