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Billman Consulting Group

Avenue Moulay Abdellah - Resid. Ibn Tachfine
Bloc. C - Apt. 41 - 40000 Marrakech
Tel.: +212 5 24 44 23 56
GSM.: +39 380 5179785
E-mail: info@billman.it


We shall visit your place of business to find out if your business is franchisable; what scope of work we have to do for you and to quote you our franchise development fee. We visit for free if your location is within all European Countries, Morocco and Tunisia. For all other areas please email us initially details and pictures of your business to determine if we can develop you into a Franchise.

For all Franchises developed by BCGI Franchise Consultancy we offer a comprehensive Franchise Sale Marketing Service. We act on your behalf as your Sales and Marketing Management.



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