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Billman Consulting Group

Avenue Moulay Abdellah - Resid. Ibn Tachfine
Bloc. C - Apt. 41 - 40000 Marrakech
Tel.: +212 5 24 44 23 56
GSM.: +39 380 5179785
E-mail: info@billman.it


Billman Consulting Group, a privately held consulting company, discovers and develops breakthroughs in treating franchising systems disorders. Billman's new and novel therapeutic approaches positively impact clients with franchising disorders, who are in need of effective, well-tolerated treatments, and their business. Through its proprietary scientific platform, Billman Consulting Group International (BCGI) is developing therapies that address our franchising formula deficiencies and provide an alternative energy source for your business and brain cells.

Billman’s solutions are available after an accurate check-up by the management. We suggests that daily administration of our service can help improve cognition and skills in patients with anyproblemes and franchising disease.



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