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The development and implementation of any franchise strategy today can be complex. The legal documents—Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and the franchise agreement—are fairly straightforward, but the business decisions that support what's stated in these legal documents need to be well-thought through. Getting guidance from a professional franchise consultant can be extremely beneficial.

Why a Solid Franchise Strategy is Important
The good news for potential franchisors is that the market readily accepts great products, services, and concepts that provide consumers with what they want—in the way they want it.

The challenge is to know what is working in franchising today and what is not then designing a franchise strategy that is both attainable and adaptable. For instance, a business franchise strategy needs to be attainable in its financial assumptions and short- and long-term projections, which can be accomplished by doing a Gap Analysis. A franchise strategy must also be adaptable in how it reaches a local market, evolves its product and service offerings, motivates its franchisees and enforces its brand standards.

Some franchisors try to save money by ordering franchise strategy self-help kits with fill-in-the-blank forms for franchise agreements and FDDs from companies who are unqualified to serve as professional franchise consulting firms. Others take someone else's franchise strategy and simply copy or modify it for their use, which carries a high risk for both the franchisor and the franchisees.

Each business is unique and therefore each franchising strategy should be also.




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