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Franchise Program Development for New Franchisors

If you have ever thought of franchising your own business you need to first talk with experts who have been there – who have started their own franchise companies and have advised many others whether it’s right for them; and if so, what is the best and most efficient way to proceed.

It all starts with our understanding of what your goals are, an evaluation of your business concept and whether franchising is the right thing for you. For many it is – and for many more, it is not. But what we can guarantee is that we will tell it as it is – not what you may want to hear but what you need to hear.

In working with clients to help develop a professional and cost effective franchise development program, our approach and philosophy is different from others that develop “boiler plate” and “packaged” franchise programs. Our goal is to teach you as much about franchising as possible during the development process and work hand in hand with you to combine your knowledge of your business and our expertise in franchising. No one knows your business as well as you do and the time and cost of having someone else learn what you already know is counterproductive. Our goal is to work with you and guide you through the entire process as our highly experienced consultants work hand in hand with you and your staff to develop all the required elements of a well designed and crafted franchise development program. The process is efficient, cost effective and educational and you will be working with professionals who have been doing this for over fifteen years.





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